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There’s a chance you might have known me as Miscellanea Maps. Well, I haven’t published maps in quite a while, but I do write a lot of RPG content, and have been keeping most of it to myself. I started thinking that it’s about time I stopped hoarding it all.

This blog is going to be where I’ll be dumping my ideas, notes, usable functions, and potentially artwork or cartography that I do in the future - touched up to be a helpful resource for any GM who wants a boost to their game. I look forward to getting it out there, and I’d like to see you as one of those people I’m helping.

Why Paid

Substack pushes the paid subscription thing pretty hard. Truth be told, this is just a blog. I don’t currently intend on putting anything behind a paywall and if I do, it will probably be some limited or experimental project. If you wanna go for a paid subscription, I’d be quite happy, but treat it like a tip. Do you like my material? Was it useful? Then go for it.

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Previously known as Miscellanea (Maps) and several other names and titles.